How To Use Marijuana Vaporizers Effectively

marijuana vaporizer user instructions how to use

The exact vaporizer using information will obviously depend on the brand you choose, the type of vaporizer and the technology used in the particular model. While there are specific guides on how to use vaporizers issued by all major brands or manufacturers, there are some standard best practices that you should always abide by.

For instance, you should always ensure your weed vaporizers are clean. You do not have to clean your vape pens or wax pens every day, especially if you are going to use it again in a few hours and you are not going to change the type of blend you would be vaping. However, you do need to clean the vaporizer regularly for optimum maintenance. Most brands will mention in their manual instructing how often or frequently you must clean their marijuana vaporizers. There would be cleaning instructions as well. If your weed vaporizers are not clean, then the quality of the vapor will be inferior and you would even have less volume. The vapor will also be unclean.

Best Practices while using Marijuana Vaporizers

You must always preheat your weed vaporizers, unless the brand or manufacturer recommends otherwise. Many vape pens or wax pens don’t need you to preheat the device as the cartomizer is capable of generating enough heat almost instantly so you can get the desired vapor. Since vape pens are used for individual vaping, they don’t need to generate a lot of vapor every second and hence reasonable heat is sufficient. This will not work in case of larger marijuana vaporizers that are expected to generate a lot of vapor for use among a group or more than one person. The best practice is to preheat the vaporizer as you prepare your cannabis or any blend that you may prefer.

Always use dry cannabis or weeds but again, unless the manufacturer or brand recommends otherwise. Usually, when you are smoking a joint, you would want to use cannabis that is a little moist. This helps because you would be effectively burning the weed. Marijuana vaporizers do not burn the cannabis and hence the moisture content is not as necessary. If the cannabis is wet, then it would use unnecessary heat to counter that moisture and even the quality of vapor may be weaker. You want the conduction or convection in the heating chamber to work like magic and dry cannabis will exude more vapors with stronger flavor than moist or wet cannabis. You can feel the moisture with the tip of your finger. If the cannabis feels moist or too soft, then consider drying it.

There is one similarity between smoking cannabis and using weed vaporizers. Both need you to grind the cannabis as finely as you can. If you are a regular user of marijuana vaporizers, you should consider getting a grinder. The cannabis should be fine and evenly ground. However, do not go to an extent when all you have is cannabis powder. The objective is to make a nice paste with uniformly ground cannabis and not dry powder that will basically be incompatible for cannabis vaporization for chronic pain or any other purpose. The primary reason why even grinding is necessary is to allow the heat to uniformly dissipate through the substance.

Just as you would want to pack your cannabis compactly into a joint, you should ensure the weeds are tightly packed into the chamber of your marijuana vaporizer. If your cannabis is loosely packed then the vapor would not be dense or thick. You will have fluctuating flavors. Pack the cannabis in the chamber, press it down to see if there is any more space and fill up the chamber to its recommended or optimum level for the best quality vapor. Don’t be too forceful while pressing the cannabis down as it can damage the vaporizer.

Finally, always make sure you take steady but shallow breaths while using marijuana vaporizers. This also applies to vape pens and wax pens. If you breathe in too heavily, you may choke. If you are infrequent with your inhaling then you may not get enough vapor. You need a fine balance between vapor volume and strong flavor. Avoid little puffs and long drags.

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