Effects of Cannabis on Your Health

Cannabis is an illegal drug which contains some unknown substance known as cannabis sativa. It is mainly used by people who smoke it. Its medicinal uses are limited but its recreational use goes beyond limits.

Medical Marijuana is being legalized in many states. It helps to relieve pain. Other than that, it also helps in getting rid of the other side effects of heavy smoking. Medical Marijuana helps to lessen the urge of smoking and to maintain a peaceful sleep.

People who are suffering from cancer and AIDS are advised to not smoke marijuana because the opposite effect may happen. Some of the reactions of the person include diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. It may also lead to a nervous breakdown.

Many times, cannabis causes anxiety and stress. It can also lead to loss of memory. The patient will become lazy and lethargic.

The drug is being made available for children but they are still being discouraged. Some parents are insisting that their children should not be allowed to use it. They feel that it may cause some damage to their child’s mind.

There are many counter arguments that help to lessen the negative impact of cannabis. It also helps to reduce anxiety and stress in the patients. Even if the patients have no idea that the drug is being used, there are many researches that prove that cannabis really works and can help people to a great extent.

The health issues caused by smoking cannabis may also be prevented by taking a positive attitude towards the drug. It is found that those who suffer from chronic diseases smoke cannabis more often. Many people also smoke cannabis daily due to fear of the things that they do not understand. Many people have also experienced all the negative effects when they do not know the amount of cannabis in their hands.

Smoking cannabis may also cause negative impacts on our brain and body. It leads to mental problems like confusion, memory lapses, and forgetfulness. The effects on the body is also very noticeable and lead to anxiety, depression, and stomach aches.