The Odd Experience of Quitting Smoking Cannabis

If you have ever had a chance to meet a young person who is smoking cannabis, you may have been surprised at how long it can last. I know I was! Some people smoke cannabis on a daily basis and don’t even realize it.

It has become very common these days for people to get into the habit of using cannabis as a lifestyle choices, not just as an occasional recreational trip. It is very hard to stop, when it is something that you have become so accustomed to that it doesn’t feel like the addiction anymore.

We have all heard of alcohol abuse or drug abuse or even gambling addiction. They are not really addiction unless it becomes the lifestyle we live. The addiction is what causes the problem, not the things that we do when we are intoxicated. By the same token, it is very hard to quit, even though you are trying to quit smoking cannabis.

What’s different about cannabis is that you can be high all day long and not get sick or do anything different to us, but what if you just didn’t want to smoke? You know, sometimes you don’t want to smoke cannabis because of the harshness of the smoke or how it affects your lung capacity.

These can all be problems, but there are ways to lessen the damage and minimize the severity of the side effects. The best thing you can do when you are trying to quit smoking cannabis is to find a way to relax and take it easy.

Just breathe deeply and try to imagine that you are in a place where everything feels relaxed and peaceful. Letting go of everything that makes you anxious or panicky will work wonders for you. When you begin to relax, you will find that your brain doesn’t send the same signals as it did when you were smoking.

Working through the discomfort and stress is also a key factor in successful quitting. Sometimes we get caught up in the things that cause us the most anxiety and stress, and we don’t have the same sense of urgency. You need to be focused on the task at hand, and on everything else that is not working towards quitting the smoking cannabis habit.

Take it easy when you are smoking cannabis and you’ll find that you start to notice that the side effects are beginning to diminish. If you can manage to hold yourself in a relaxed state of mind you will find that you will notice that your symptoms are beginning to go away and you won’t be nearly as upset and anxious as you used to be when you smoked.